Sacha Rein

multidisciplinary art director

 À propos de Sacha Rein

Sacha Rein is a multidisciplinary art director, typographer and graphic designer with a passion for photography who came to Luxembourg in 2013. After having worked for Kipling, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Banque Degroof while at Anouk & Co agency in Brussels, he became co-founder of Taste agency before going freelance at the beginning of 2018.

He enjoys minimal logos, sophisticated bezier curves and likes to bring order into chaos. His goal is to produce the most comprehensible and adequate work and convey a clear message to the right audience.

Apart from providing services in typeface design, his keen interest in typography, his expertise in corporate identity and branding, his typefaces Arlonne Sans Pro and Aldo Pro remain his most important creations. 

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